• CalMac Group Global Offices: Major offices of the CalMac Group Global Corporation and its subsidary companies located throughout the world.


  • CalMac Group was first established as CalMar Photography on April 22, 1995 by Martin Mcadam, initially an ambitious photography company located in the heart of Liverpool. After many years of hard work CalMar was becoming increasingly popular, and from 1995 to 2005 had become a household name with multiple contracts and clients in the Liverpool Area. in 2008 CalMar Photography became The CalMac Group with his son Callum at the helm.

    Callum went on to expand CalMac's services devision, however it was the founding of the CalMac Studios in 2009 that put the CalMac Group on the radar. Despite being one of the youngest companies in operation.

    In 2009 CalMac Studios was brought under the CalMac Group umbrella and the years from 2009 to 2015 would help lead the CalMac Group company on their biggest adventure yet: the construction of CalMac Global.

    Today, the CalMac Group has holdings in both the commercial and industrial sectors, ranging from telecom, technology, and law. Currently one of the world's leading companies, CalMac Group growth continues to expand, helping to fuel the world's economy.